Small Parcel Shipping

Visibility and knowledge are the keys to controlling costs when it comes to small parcel logistics. The more you know, the better you can negotiate contracts and control expenses. Since the deregulation of the transportation industry, change has been rampant. Carriers such as UPS®, FedEx® and the United States Postal Service (USPS®) have made significant changes in their services and pricing strategies. Monitoring these changes is exceptionally difficult and many companies will undoubtedly miss substantial freight savings.

Small Parcel carriers have exceptional talent for hiding extra charges and additional margin into their services and agreements. A perfect example are add-on fees called 'Accessorial Charges'. These are charges for performing shipping services beyond normal pickup and delivery and can include items such as fuel surcharges, address change fees, delivery area surcharges, etc. Over the last several years, accessorial charges have increased at 10 times the rate of the published base rates and can be a huge profit center for carriers.

At Bottom Line Experts, our small parcel shipping auditors have spent their careers negotiating the largest national shipping contracts for major carriers. They know where the margins are hidden and how to negotiate the most favorable agreements and rates possible. They are armed with specialized software which provides immediate visibility to your small parcel spend and automates billing error identification and recovery.

Our Small Parcel optimization service includes: rate negotiations and optimization, carrier comparison analysis, accessorial charge analysis, lane optimization, post-audit analysis, mode optimization, error checking and guaranteed service refunds.

You can expect savings on the order of 15-30% as a result of our small parcel expense reduction audit.

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