Client Examples
Bottom Line Experts

Organizations Assisted

Companies with 30-500 employees

Large Distributor of Aircraft Parts

Aircraft Parts Supplier

Small Parcel Shipping
20.1% Cost Reduction, $1,200,000 Annual Savings

Glow Industries

Consumer Products Distributor
Perrysburg, OH

Small Parcel Shipping
24% Cost Reduction, $190,000 Annual Savings

Edward Surovell Realtors

Real Estate
Ann Arbor, MI

Copy / Print Processing
31% Cost Reduction, $42,000 Annual Savings


Saved $185,000 annual on Credit Card Processing

Saved $110,000 annual on Credit Card Processing

Garrett Popcorn

Food and Beverage
Chicago, IL

Small Parcel Shipping
17.2% Cost Reduction, $730,000 Annual Savings

Companies with 500+ employees


Outdoor Supplies Retailer
Middleburg Hts, OH

Small Parcel Shipping
15% Cost Reduction, $314,000 Annual Savings

Hedge Fund

Health Insurance
$4,675,000 Annual Savings

Technology Company

Health Insurance
$2,650,000 Annual Savings


Bedding Manufacturer
Lexington, KY

Small Parcel Shipping
30% Cost Reduction, $1,800,000 Annual Savings


Health Insurance
$250,000 Annual Savings

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Non Profit Health Services
White Plains, NY

Real Estate Lease
$1,300,000 Annual Savings

Construction Firm

Health Insurance
$800,000 Annual Savings

Reynolds Wrap

Consumer Products
Lake Forest, IL

Small Parcel Shipping (UPS / Fedex)
23% Cost Reduction - $460,000 Annual Savings

Large Manufacturer of Underwear and Legwear

Consumer Products
Winston Salem, NC

Shipping / Freight
$6,000,000 Annual Savings

Sunbelt Rentals

Construction Equipment Rentals
Rock Hill, SC

LTL Shipping
35% Cost Reduction - $1,000,000 Annual Savings


Health Insurance
$250,000 Annual Savings


Saved $300,000 annually on Small Parcel Shipping expenses

Rug Doctor

Saved $180,000 annually on Small Parcel Shipping expenses