The Telecommunications industry is a complex and rapidly changing industry. Thorough monthly auditing of Telecom expenses can be time-consuming and very confusing, even for highly experienced IT staff. Keeping on top of Telecom expenses can be particularly difficult.

Currently in the U.S.:

  • 80% of Telecom bills contain errors (~$13B / yr in Telecom billing over-charges)
  • 70% of businesses average 35% surplus Telecom capacity

Our Telecom audit process begins with a cost-recovery which includes a thorough check for billing errors. In many cases, we are able to retrieve billing errors which extend back over a period of many years. The second phase of our process involves an exhaustive cost reduction aimed at right-sizing services and minimizing MRC's (monthly recurring costs). Finally, we provide on-going monthly audits of every Telecom invoice for the duration of our engagement to ensure savings are realized and your billings remain error-free.

Our auditors are career-long veterans from the Telecom industry who are equipped with specialized software tools, databases and expertise that simply cannot be replicated by your internal IT staff. Our buying clout and independent role provides us access to special promotions, wholesales rates, discounts and carrier options that companies simply cannot access on their own.

We are not brokers, resellers or distributors who profit from commissions or markups on your services.

We are strictly independent, objective consultants whose only purpose and incentive is to reduce your Telecom costs. This means that the rock-bottom pricing we have access to is passed directly on to you.

Our track record on Telecommunications expense reduction auditing:

  • 1,000's of audits completed
  • 95%+ success rate
  • 75% of our recommendations utilize current carriers
  • 28% average savings

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