Credit Card Processing

There are many benefits to utilizing credit cards for payment of your products or services:

  • Accepting multiple forms payment offers flexibility and convenience to your customers
  • Credit Cards can increase your cash flow by receiving payments almost immediately
  • You may be able to reach customers you wouldn't have access to otherwise

The downside is that Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing) can be extremely confusing and full of predatory vendors and countless hidden fees. Complexities include:

  • Every type of card received can have a different rate
  • The technology you utilize to process your credit card transactions can significantly affect your fees and cost of processing
  • Credit Card processing companies have little consistency in how they charge for their services
  • Invoices are confusing and very difficult to decipher

Our Merchant Service auditors are experts in credit card processing, having spent most of their career in the business. They can quickly review your billings and identify errors, hidden charges and opportunities for cost savings. Our concentration for developing savings stem from rate improvements, errors and hidden fees, technology improvements and alternative processing techniques.

Our cost savings on Credit Card Fees generally range from 18 - 35%, depending on your situation. Identical to our other audits, the initial analysis is cost-free and our process includes monthly on-going auditing and error checks for the life of our agreement.

Merchant Services Flyer

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