What is the key to reducing overhead expenses in this economy? In short, EXPERTISE.

At BLX, our key to success is simple:

We hire the best expertise in the country.

First, we identify an overhead expense. Second, we identify the most talented industry insider veterans in North America. These are experts who have spent their entire career in one particular industry. During their tenure, they were in a unique position where they were exposed to:

  • Every dime of margin and where it’s hidden
  • Every contract trick ever conceived
  • Every benchmark of price across the country for that one spend

Now, imagine that this veteran has left that industry and has become a client advocate, working on YOUR behalf to reduce this one, laser focused expense. They are armed with a wealth of information and the answers to every question you would ever have about this particular industry.

They are privy to the absolute rock bottom pricing available in their industry because they spent their career on ‘the other side of the table’ negotiating the deals themselves. The difference is that now they are on your side negotiating for YOU.

Imagine how much more effectively you would address this one isolated expense with this expertise at your disposal.

Now…imagine this expertise at your disposal for EVERYTHING you bought as an organization

This is the foundation of Bottom Line Experts and the key to our unique expertise and success rate.

Although we cannot address every expense within your organization, there are quite a few which we can.

For more information on the expense categories we offer and how to qualify for an expense reduction use the link below:

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