Facilities expenses can be one of the highest operational costs for an organization. While most companies believe they receive fair and impartial representation of their facilities leases through a real estate broker, nothing could be further from the truth. These brokers do not necessarily have the client’s best interest in mind since their compensation is tied to a percentage of the overall lease value. From a compensation standpoint, their desire is to sign the longest lease term possible, with the highest lease rates the client is willing to accept. In addition, from a selection standpoint, brokers represent a fixed number of landlords and property managers. Whether an ideal fit or not, their incentive is to match a property from their limited portfolio to your needs.

Commercial real estate building

At BLX, our model for Commercial Real Estate Leasing is entirely different. Our only focus is you, the tenant. We have the ability to recommend and offer ANY commercial real estate on the market. It is our goal to perfectly match your needs to the best options available at the most attractive rates possible.

We receive no commissions, kickbacks, brokers fees or incentives from properties we recommend. We are true client advocates, which greatly distinguishes us from landlords, property managers or brokers.

Our Commercial Real Estate auditors have spent their entire career in the commercial property management industry. They have negotiated thousands of leases on ‘both sides of the table’ and have witnessed every trick of the trade. Most importantly, our auditors are expert negotiators and able to uncover savings opportunities which companies cannot realize on their own.

If you are within 24 months of your current lease expiration and lease more than 6,000 sq ft of space, you qualify for this audit. You can expect to save on the order of 10-30% on lease renewals and 20-50% on relocation rates.

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