We will reduce your costs by an average of 15-25%

Telecom = Complexity & Confusion

New technologies are being introduced every year and service providers continue to consolidate and merge. For every company, there can be dozens of options when choosing telecom services. Even with experienced IT staff, many companies don’t have the time to research all options AND negotiate best-in-class pricing.

Telecommunications Antenna

Bottom Line Expert’s teams are comprised of Telecom industry veterans that will identify the best options for your business. Why not take that money and put it back to work in your business? In most cases, savings can be realized without changing your current service providers.

Enterprise Telecom Solutions – Custom Negotiation

Large organizations often require highly complex negotiations. Our Enterprise Team comes from the elite Special Pricing Organizations at the major carriers. They’ve done the competitive research, performed profitability studies and set the prices for those carriers. This unique experience, combined with a focus on critical terms and conditions, delivers results that are at the leading edge of the market.

Savings are delivered within a matter of months, not years. Negotiations can begin immediately, whether you’re in the middle of your current contracts or if you’re in the middle of negotiations with your carriers and you’ve been told that you have their best offer.

Mid-Market Telecom Solutions – Cost Reduction & Ongoing Management

Your business is growing and changing. At the same time, the Telecom providers are introducing new technologies and new service options. Staying on top of this constant change can be difficult for IT and Telecom staffed that are tasked with many priorities. Managing day-to-day services can also leave little time for the due diligence needed to review and manage costs.

The Mid-Market Team focuses on delivering the time and expertise required to optimize your Telecom services and costs. We provide:

  1. An in-depth analysis of your contracts and invoices that will identify any billing errors
  2. A market audit identifying multiple options for your business
  3. Recommendations for improved services at less cost
  4. Implementation and management for any approved recommendations

Telecommunications Negotiation Service Flyer

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