There are various criteria used to determine if your business qualifies for our Expense Reduction Audits. We have worked successfully with organizations with as few as 20 employees up to those with 50,000+ employees.

In most cases, the qualification process comes down to the annual spend for the various categories which we offer our services. There are other criteria but if you meet the annual spend threshold in the table below, you are likely an excellent candidate for our process.

Keep in mind that most clients tend to underestimate their annual spend.

Expense Category Annual Spend
Small Parcel Shipping
(Combined UPS, Fedex, USPS)
$200,000 / yr
Health Insurance $1,000,000 / yr
Shipping and Freight
(LTL, TL, Intermodal, Ocean)
$500,000 / yr
Credit Card Fees
(Merchant Services)
$50,000 / yr
(Combined Local Phone, Internet and
Wireless Phone Services)
$25,000 / yr
Internal Copy / Print Processing
(Leased Equipment, Maintenance, Consumables)
$75,000 / yr
Energy and Utilities
(Gas & Electric Services)
$100,000 / yr – Electric
$60,000 / yr – Gas
Commercial Real Estate Leasing > 6,000 sq ft of Leased Space
Workers’ Compensation > 40 Employees

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